Heartbreak Formula


Plucked from the rut they navigate life through, our narrator is forced to face desires of love, sexuality, and the mounting pains of adulthood during an ever-so-fickle time of youth. They find themselves standing at the corner of past and present, wishing to turn back time with each lesson learned.

☕️Heartbreak formula is such a stunning, heartfelt and a wholesome book, I am reading a lot of poetry lately but this one stands out amongst all, the author has poured her heart into bringing it out, she divides the book into phases, that directly co relates with life and the things anyone goes through!

I loved how the book gave me the feeling of belonging and homeliness, I felt peace and pain while I read it, it’s structured skill fully yet kept very easy and simple, I was in love with each bit of it, a beautiful collection of life lessons and poems that shouldn’t be missed! Also, the illustrations made it more special, anyone who enjoys poetry is sure to love it.

Definitely recommended!

Rating: 4.5🌟

The Hunted Rose


When her father is murdered by Nazis right before her eyes, seventeen-year-old Rose Harcourt must go on the run. She undertakes a harrowing journey through the forest in an effort to rescue the only family she has left—her Grandmother. With Nazis combing the forest looking for French rebels and fleeing Jews, Rose knows her mission is do-or-die. The journey to her Grandmother’s cottage is even more dangerous than she thought. A murderous wolf is stalking the forest and killing everyone it encounters. Can she escape with her Grandmother before the Nazis—or the wolf, finds her first?

🥀Woah, what an amazing journey it was to read this heart felt story, the book follows the story of Rose who is beautiful, bold and brave and has only one mission to save her grandmother but things are not so easy as they seem, it’s a blend of YA with fantasy and it transports the reader to the era of WW2 and that’s my favourite era to read about, to read those unheard tales is my obsession.

This book has that magic like it has two sides one where you feel like it’s all about the war and about the mission and it’s about the people who suffered in the WW2 but one of the author hand it comes as a single handed story of brave Rose who indeed is a very spectacular character who loves to live life on her terms and is ready to any risk to save her near ones! In a way it’s a very mesmerising and nerve racking tale and I can’t wait for read more of the author’s works.

It’s a short read, it was gripping and quick, filled with many ups and downs along with many adventures this book is meant for all sorts of readers and yes it’s a beginner friendly read! I will definitely recommend it, no matter whats your taste in reading looks like this book is sure to make a mark in your heart. Go for it!

Rating: 4.25⭐️

Tabula Rasa


Tabula Rasa is an epic book that takes the reader on an unique yet informative journey where the readers are set free to explore the history of Singapore right from how it came into being, how it developed to what it is now, presently we all know it for it lavishness and development but was it really like this always? Not really, this book compiles the lives of many characters and as they narrate out their story, it a feel good read that is meant for all curious minds!

I was just immersed in the tales, lives, characters and culture it offered, it’s so rich that if you are an avid reader you get to know the layers of the book, it might look simple but a lot has gone through each page, it’s certainly very well researched and very well put together!

I did not find the historical element boring rather, it aquatinted me with so much I wasn’t aware about!

The language is simple but read it slow to fully understand and process it! Definitely a beautiful book that would be a good break for intense themed stories and thrillers! Go for it!

Rating: 4.25🌟

Dear April… Tell Her, I am Sorry!


Aren’t we all seeking our ‘Happily Ever After’ with the ones we love?

But, are we living our lives responsibly enough to deserve it ?

Well! Not many of us do. And, neither did Awadh !

Which he realises too late. But, the universe has a different plan for him.

He is given one last chance to set things right with the girl he loved.

Tripti, the girl who loved Awadh unconditionally.

Which, yet again, Awadh realises too late.

But, is it ever too late to fight for the love of your life?

Even when you are too late in time, even when you are dead?

💎I do believe in second chances only if they’re utilised and are not taken for granted, this is such a heart felt story that puts light on love, relationships that never happened, bonds that are deep and eternal, second chances, realisations and guilt that we carry, the regrets hold after the moment has passed!

I felt the writing is so blissful and pure, its not hard to absorb but the same time it flows within you once you start reading it, the way Awadh us build, I tend to have some difference of opinions with him always, I really felt he did things he shouldn’t have but now is the chance to do them right, but is it really possible to correct them when the time is gone? Or every small hope has be over?

On the other hand the female protagonist felt so pure, she is all about giving and I did connect with her so much, I’m not sure if people really love this way for real but anyone who would have her would be lucky, the book in itself felt like a bunch of unsaid confessions, life lessons and an apology!

I was mesmerised by how it also made me realise the value of people I have in my life and how their love should not be taken for granted, I think this book was definitely life changing for me, it’s an emotional journey that you will live once you start it!

The addition of bit of fantasy element and magic changed its course beautifully, overall I did enjoy it a lot! Definitely a warm, heart touching read!

Rating: 4.25🌟

Mahagatha : 100 Tales from the Puranas


The Puranas of Hinduism are a universe of wisdom, embodying a fundamental quest for answers that makes them forever relevant. Now, for the first time, 100 of the greatest mythological tales from these ancient texts have been handpicked and compiled into an epic illustrated edition. Besides popular legends of devas, asuras, sages and kings, Satyarth Nayak has dug up lesser-known stories, like the one where Vishnu is beheaded or where Saraswati curses Lakshmi or where Harishchandra tricks Varuna. Nayak also recounts these 100 tales in a unique chronological format, beginning with Creation in Satya Yuga and ending with the advent of Kali Yuga. Using Puranic markers, he constructs a narrative that travels through the four yugas, offering continuous and organic action. In such a reading, it is revealed that these stories are not isolated events but linked to each other in the grand scheme of things. That every occurrence has a past and a future. A cause and effect. An interconnected cycle of karma and karma-phal.

☕️A collection of 100 tales, mahagatha is exactly what it’s named, the tales that have been known and also the ones that have been unknown, which aren’t so famous yet! Rich with mythology and written in a way that’s meant for all sorts of readers and all age groups, no matter what your reading taste is or what your age is you’re sure to love and enjoy it!

Two stories a day and you’re sorted, but if you’re an avid reader like me then for sure you can’t stop once you pick it, the book talks about almost all the mythos characters you know, knowing different characters and understanding them through author’s perspective is marvellous!

It’s not just entertaining but also very informative, eveb after reading so many mythology books before reading this one but I actually discovered so many new things after reading it!

It’s wonderful, rich in culture, very authentic and moulded in the best form! I will definitely recommend it, devour it!

Rating: 4.25🌟

🥀Blood Of The Hunted🥀

Weylyn, Olwen, and other members of the marginalized and subjugated group known as the Tóráin are trying every day to gain equality and freedom. Their enemies, which consist of vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their grip around the necks of the Tóráin.

Leading The Resistance, Weylyn and Olwen endure many trials that test them physically and mentally, relying on their loved ones to keep them from losing hope. They both wish to see a time of equality and peace, but to achieve that requires more than what they have. Desperation leads The Resistance to find new allies all across the continent of Kosavros with the goal of finally defeating their oppressive overseers.

🥀Woah woah woah, after ages I read a book so grand and huge that had me throughout, in a way I read this book a little slow than I usually do because I just didn’t wanted to read it but wanted to live with it and it was my companion of many days! This is a story that’s powerful and bold but at the same time it’s very sensitive and thoughtful, a blend of dystopia, not exactly but yeah, with fantasy and revolution is just everything, like I loved how each and everything was planted so gradually and thoughtfully that my heart was craving to read one more page every single time!

It’s thoroughly descriptive and I mean it though it never gets monotonous because the author is so good at his job and he really knows what he is doing, you just need to trust him and surrender yourself to his wonderful writing style that is soothing, deep yet easy and has a very good flow, I really loved how it progresses!

The world building is so good that I felt like I’m watching a movie because each and every image was being formed behind my eyes and in my mind! The way characters are designed, it’s top notch like they just feel like characters!

Reading it was a memorable yet a mesmerising journey, a book that has twists and ups and downs but surely something that will never let it’s readers down! A worthy read, everyone will enjoy it as much as I did! I will surely recommend it.

Rating: 4.5⭐️

Silence Has Secrets


Will you marry a rape survivor?’

When this question was asked in a class at IIT Murshidabad, only to ignite a constructive discussion amongst students, no one imagined it would open a catacomb of long-buried secrets and lead to unimaginably dark crimes.

The female students eagerly looked at their male counterparts for a response. The class topper, Safin, bravely answered that he would. Akash, scared that he’d be made fun of, quietly wrote on the bench, ‘Will girls marry a male rape survivor?’ Ranjan, the class’s back-bencher, seeing this, insulted Akash and even invited girls to rape him. It was all a joke for this quintessential trouble-maker, until next morning, when he was found naked, raped and brutally injured on the IIT-M campus.

🫀Omgg, this is truly one of those books that played with mind and made me think while reading the entire story, this is such an unique and a gruesome tale that touches sensitive topics but with the most unexpected and thrilling twist and truth is exactly what you expect the least!

All my senses were ignited by the way it turned out and the way it’s written, this is truly a great story with different sides to it and things go upside down, the crime and the motive and the suspect everything is so mind boggling!

The writing is simple and intriguing but it’s a drama filled entertainment tale that kept me on edge, it’s very unique and the fact that it’s easy to read but its definitely so deep!

The characters are well sketched, it’s truly plot driven and its also about assuming a lot of things, so it also depends on how a reader thinks but for me it proved to be a very very interesting tale! Definitely recommended, the book that will surely play with your mind!

Rating: 4.25⭐️

🥀An imperishable promise🥀


What happens to your love when you die? Does your love end? Does your love stay in your heart or in your body? When you say, “I Love You,” what does the “I” stand for? Is it your body, mind, or soul? When you die, is your love also destroyed like your body, or is it immortal like your soul? Then the question comes, is the soul immortal? Nobody can give a perfect answer to these questions. This book has tried to find the answers to that mystery. It’s a love story between two immortal souls. Love is an endless fuel to the energy called the soul, which will keep it alive forever.

🥀They say true love doesn’t die, but is it really true? I recently came across this beautiful and very heart touching book that changed my perspective towards love and it’s existence, as human we only are in search of good company and we want love because we feel lonely, but is it exactly love? And does true love literally never leaves you even after death? This book has it all, this is truly a book that presents a love story like no other, it’s fresh and raw and very original, I haven’t a story like this before and I don’t I will, but on the other hand it also dives deep into the concept of afterlife, also it’s done so well that it really syncs so well together.

It’s a story of two souls Raj and Kashish and how their life changes with an unexpected truth and incident. I loved how the entire story is wrapped under just 150 pages and it felt like a quick and a very refreshing read.

I truly loved it and enjoyed it, it just taught me the real meaning of love and promises, it’s very easy to read, definitely recommended. Go for it.

Rating: 4.25⭐️

🥀Sincerely Yours, Dear Life🥀


Love she was, Hate was he, And he never had love.

I read this astonishing collection of poems recently that melted my heart in the cold, this is one of those amazing books that had made a place in my heart and it touched my soul so deeply. The book is divided into three part and I loved how powerful yet provoking it is.

The book is a blend of love, pain, life lessons, happiness and the fear of losing the dear ones, it’s definitely kind of book that was very hard to keep down once I picked it up, it’s addictive to the core and has it all. I also loved the choice of words by the author and every poem felt like it came out of deep and raw experiences, the words of the author has the power to hug you and wrap arms around it’s reader.

This book really made a deeper impact on my mind and soul, a book by which I got carried away truly!! It’s definitely recommended, go for it! A treat for all poetry lovers and people who wanna read a heart touching book!

Rating: 4.25⭐️

Tizistwar nou pays


The book Tizistwar nou pays is a bit like the good old charcoal stove of yore around which people gathered to warm up, while sharing stories, jokes and thoughts about life. This collection of 24 tizistwars will bring back to you the nostalgic feeling of these memories that have remained attached to people, places, moods and habits of the past, and to moments in time.

🫀This is such a sweet and heart warming collection of tales that brought me warmth, happiness, nostalgia and tears all at once!! This book in a way made me realise for how easily we take things and people granted when we have them near and we fail to cheerish the time we spent together.

This book isn’t based on a particular things but just a heart to heart conversation where the author tells his own experiences in form of mesmerising and heart touching stories that made a mark in my heart! The author shares about love, bond and memories and truly it made me thank my mom for everything she does for me, it’s a book that doesn’t fall in a specific genre or is just meant for any specific age group but it’s a book that can we read together with your partner, children, parents, friends or family! It’s that good, this one will really bring you closer to the people and things you love. The language is so good and nourishing, the illustrations are cherry on the cake and I feel it’s something that should be read by everyone.

I will highly recommend it to everyone, just read it no matter what your reading taste is and thank me later!!

Rating: 4.5⭐️