The Greatest Folk Tales Of Bihar

🌼The Greatest Folk Tales Of Bihar🌼
There are human skulls speaking to men. There are demonesses falling in love with their prey. There is a jackal pretending to be a priest and a donkey that goes beyond his duty. These are stories from the soil of Bihar, from the land of Bhojpuri and Maithili—stories that have traversed centuries and created a catalogue of oral wisdom. The Greatest Folk Tales of Bihar is a collection of timeless tales that have been told through generations, are adored for being a literature and treated as sacred testament of village wisdom.
🌼I started reading folk tales as a child and I love them so much. This book just bought all the nostalgic moments back in my life and I felt like a child again, I good vacational vibes while reading the entire book and it’s just a short book, which hardly takes hundred minutes. The book is divided into sections, which make it easy for the reader and even the reader can randomly choose from what section they would love to read.
I have never been to Bihar and even I haven’t read any folk tales from Bihar but while reading it, I felt they are really close and familiar. The stories are short and engaging at each point. I personally think that this is not just for children but it’s something which could be read by anyone. I was so badly waiting for it to read and it was worth the wait. I was glued to it right from the beginning. I loved the animal section particularly, the cover is hell beautiful and the language is very smooth. This could be a perfect gift to someone you love or to yourself. This was such a gracious read, made my heart happy. Definitely recommended.
Rating: 4.25🌟

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