Interview with Shikha Rinchin, the author of “Four Dances Of The Moon”

1)Hello Ma’am, can you please introduce yourself? So that the audience would get you know you better. 

I’m originally from Jammu & Kashmir, India. I’m a poetess, a published author and a learning and development consultant. I love writing poetry and blogs on emotions, social issues and spirituality. Four Dances of the Moon is my first ever published poetry book. I have also published a few more books, details of which are available on my website.

2) Congratulations for your recent book, what does the title says about the book? 

Thank you. The book title “Four Dances of the Moon” is to draw a parallel between the four phases of moon and the four intense phases of emotions that every human goes through. Just like, moon dances from one phase to another, we also go through these four emotional phases.

3) That’s correct. Do you remember what you wrote first? How did you develop interest in writing poems, is this something you always wanted to do?

I wrote my first poem when I was just eight. I still remember every word of it! It went like – “It rains at night, no moon in the sky, how beautiful night.
How beautiful stars and the owl is hooting in the night, how beautiful night.”

My dad used to write poetry, and as a kid I’d often go through his diaries and be fascinated by the beautiful amalgamation of words, and that’s how the beautiful journey started at a very young age and it continues…

4) What are the focused topics in your book? 

The book focusses on inspiring, heart touching, and relatable poetry around four emotional phases of life – reminisces, aplomb, love, and ruminations. The poems are meant to make the readers relate to these phases and also send across a message that all such emotions are cyclic, and we should never lose hope or courage in life.

5) Do you think writing a poetry book is as difficult as writing a full-length novel? What hurdles you had to overcome while writing it? 

I think it won’t be fair to compare both writing styles. I think writing a poetry book or a novel, each comes with its unique set of challenges. While writing Four Dances of the Moon, my whole emphasis was to make sure that the entire book weaves into the theme of impermanence of all human emotions, so that it leaves the readers with hope, inspiration, and awe. I try to make my poems relatable to all age types, and hence finding the right set of words and rhymes was quite challenging.

6) Why you think everyone should read it? 

I have spent over a year making this book suitable for thinkers, dreamers, doers and lovers of all ages, so that they feel warm, inspired, and belonged in every phase of their life. The poems would act like a catalyst for the readers to acknowledge their emotions and reflect upon their lives with optimism. I think this is the reason why readers would love it.

7) How much time did you took to complete this, no doubt this is a masterpiece and as a poet do you think you connect with nature more than other people usually do?

It took me a year to prune and refine Four Dances of the Moon before I published it. There is even a story behind the book cover, which I have included in the book for my readers.

I think most artists draw inspiration from the nature, and I am no exception. I am also deeply drawn to human connections and spirituality, which also inspire me to write.

8) Do you think your family and friends have share in your success? 

Behind every successful person is a tribe of people, and I am lucky to have my tribe. My family and friends have always been supportive. Some of them offered to reviewed my drafts, shared their suggestions and critiques that helped me refine my book. I don’t think I would have achieved this feat without them.

9)How happy you actually feel when people read your books and love to read more of your works? 

Nothing gives a writer more pleasure than knowing that the readers have loved their work. It matters more than money and fame that comes along. I love that my readers connect back to share how my book has inspired them, or helped them cope up with certain phases of life, or simply made them feel warm. It’s my pleasure that so many of my readers take out time to review my book and share their feedback with me.

10) Describe your book in three words! Are you working on any other projects as well? 

That’s a nice question! I am a person of words, but if I were given a choice of only three words, it would be inspiring, riveting and heart-warming.
Inspiring as it leaves a reader thinking about his own life and offers a compelling call to action. Riveting, because it’s a page-turner and engages with the reader. And heart-warning, as it gives the reader a feeling of being understood.
Currently I’m working on several projects. I’ll be releasing an abstract poetry book and a heart-warming collection of short stories by January 2021.

Wow, so happy and excited to read your future works! Good luck.

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