🌻How (Not) To Date🌻

Layla is 25, lives in Amsterdam and works as a receptionist for the same company as her best friend Sam. Layla always wanted to be a writer but just doesn’t have the inspiration. She has been without a relationship for some time and even though she isn’t really looking for someone she also feel a bit lonely. When trying out a dating app, the dates do not go as planned. Sam comes up with the idea to start a blog about these dates. This is the perfect opportunity for her to start writing and will give her another way of looking at dating. Will blogging only lead to a writing career or is there still a chance for Layla to find real love?
If you are into well written, intresting and light contemporary romances then this book is just for you. This is a very short story, revoles around Lalya and her best friend Sam where Layla is trying her hands on dating apps for getting a partner and on the other hand she ends up into some funny and miserable situations at times, well losing hope is not the option though.

One of my most favorite lines from the book are, “One of the things I have learned is that in some cases you don’t find love, love finds you.” The story definitely has my heart, at first I thought its a dating guide but this was definitely a book that made me laugh and cry. Also, it was so relatable and the characters, Lord they were intresting and felt like a family member. I completed this book in a single sitting, so if you are willing to go on an emotional rollercoaster then sit back, tighten your belts and read this book as soon as possible. One of my favorite character was Matt and Layla of course. (not a spoiler). I am sure anyone will enjoy it. Recommended.
Rating: 4🌟

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