Mistakes By The Lake

Mistakes by the Lake is a collection of ten thematically linked stories spanning the many faces of the city’s history: A motorman navigates his 1920’s back-and-forth trolley until he snaps; A stockyards knocker encounters the Virgin Mary during the 1954 World Series; A wannabe wrestles his unruly mind along the flammable 1960’s Cuyahoga River; In a reinvention of Henry IV, a young man must either stick with his bumbling criminal crew or uncover legit ways to support his mother and transgender Gramps.
This is a very beautiful and authentic collection of stories, all the ten stories have one thing in common, they don’t leave the readers once you start reading. Most of the times, while reading short stories, I feel they are usually plot driven but I loved this book more because the stories are character driven, within very few pages, you get to met characters who are going to stay with you and make you feel good, bad and are going to evoke all sorts of feelings in you.
The book is titled after the last story in the collection, every story is different and unique, they are set in different years, right from 1796 to 2013, the author provides a variety of elements which makes this a multi genre read.
It was definitely breathtaking at times, it was fast paced, the language is moderate and is understandable by all but if you are a beginner you might take some time to get into the writing style. I loved the second half of the book more, I will definitely recommend it to everyone. It’s definitely a book that’s worth all your attention and time.
Rating: 4🌟

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