“Scream, scream, scream if you can but no one would hear”
Georgia Pritchard’s dream house has a dead child in the attic and a monster in the basement but she can’t tell her husband because she’s not sure it’s really him anymore.
Roseneath is just my kind of book, the kind of book I was looking for and it just turned the way I expected and I am forever grateful of myself for discovering it and reading, if I wouldn’t have, I just would have missed so much. The story will leave the readers scared with each page. I loved how the book itself started on a fast pace and it’s not even a chapter and I was so glued to it, I was living Georgia’s character myself, I don’t know how but I totally was, it was heavy, it was dark and deep, and darker than one can imagine. The writing is so mysterious and so thrilling and the paranormal and ghostly elements they just fitted in so perfectly that you get immersed in the settings and premise of the story.
Dana did an amazing job, especially when I said I was afraid and was scared, I am a hardcore horror lover and I read tons of it, but when if I loved it means it’s definitely something that’s truly truly worth it. I would say, this book is not for people who are not into it, not for readers looking for a light read, if you are into dark – ghost stories with sharp characters and interesting plotline with many breathtaking scenes, this is your book, go grab it. Filled with many twists and turns and much unpredictable stuff, it’s truly a enthralling and a captivating read. It’s totally a spine chilling story and won’t leave you even afyer you complete it. Are you ready to give yourself? To the ghost? Are you ready to live Nathan’s and Georgia’s life? Go read it.
Rating: 4.5🌟

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