🍒Concerto for Three Cities🍒

Paris, Venice & Athens, 1857

After causing quite a stir in London, ‘The Mechanical Maestro’ accompanies his master, Lord Leyton on his travels abroad. Maestro is eager to experience what new sights and sounds the Continent has to offer. He will no doubt find more than enough inspiration to compose his new concerto about the three major cities he’s to reside at.

But as his master’s past threatens to catch up with him, Maestro must learn to trust his instincts in order to come to his aid. The wider world might be a daunting place, but it’s better when you don’t have to navigate it alone.
🍒It’s always fun and interesting to read Emily’s books because they’re very unique and they carry an aesthetic aura altogether. This is a short novella, a half an hour read that’s very well crafted and is very interesting in all aspects.
If you have read the first book in the Abernathy series you probably know what is Maestro and this is a new phase with the same amazing characters and not the actual continuation of the series. This book can definitely be read as a standalone, anyone can randomly pick it and I’m sure they will end up enjoying it.
A short story that’s filled with fun, drama, courage and dreams. I loved the sci-fi touch to the story. I truly enjoyed it. It’s something that shouldn’t be missed!
Rating: 4.25⭐️

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