The Carol Of The Reactors

🌼The Carol Of The Reactors🌼
Exacting a terrible price, the nuclear apocalypse divided humankind into two: mutated and untainted. Kilia & Josh, child counsellors for the United Nations, are tasked with telling this horrible truth to tween-agers. Yet forced to lie about their own feelings for each other. Despite the UN’s efforts, life is harsh for Mutants and an underground resistance has sprung to life in the Quarantine Zone.
Untainted humans living in the safety and comfort of a terrarium, most of them migrant volunteers, remain blissfully unaware of things to come. Under the watchful eyes of the Chief Administrator, life at the UN mission in Diablo Valley unfolds in mundane quietude.
🌼Dystopian and apocalypse ars the most underrated genres ever and they don’t get the love they deserve, that’s what I think. I am quite a lover of this genre because it’s unique in it’s own way. This book at parts reminded me of different books, the author has taken amazing risks and amalgamated various genres to bring this out. For me, I love how he experimented with sci-fi and that reminded me of Black hole series by Kumar L. Recently, I read sacrifice by amey and I think this book resembles a lot to it, no the plot and the entire concept is different but the way it seeps is similar. It has different elements and the author brings them when needed and makes them disappear when they are not needed and even the characters they are not given fixed places, they keep on shuffling when the book proceeds and this is what I loved. The book is narrated in a reverse manner, from the D-day day or the present day and again it’s an amazing concept.
If you love Fowl Twins and then I certainly think you will love this too. Also, if you have ever tried an American dystopian, or the Initiation series then you gonna be a fan of this. Though, this is not for a beginner but if you read it slowly you would certainly get it and reading it is like a journey. It was very unique and extraordinary, I am so excited to read the next book in the series. I will definitely recommend it everyone.
Rating: 4🌟

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